Communications Services

Alongside my expert awards advisory and writing services I can help you communicate your business, personal and awards messages in a variety of ways that add value to your awards programmes via my communications consultancy – here’s just a few examples:

Social Media – Are you using social media to widen and elongate the benefits of entering all those events? How about whipping up a storm and getting the good news out to your customers and online community with savvy social pre-event build up and post-event engagement?

Personal Branding – Are you an entrepreneur who has faced mighty challenges and still risen to success? Have you won awards for your achievements? Do you have an interesting life story? Whatever your niche, you are now a ‘brand’. Take control of your personal brand and reputation with a beautifully crafted website that tells the world who you are, what you have achieved, and what you are doing now.

Business Communications – Do you need support with your communications so that you get the best results all the time? Consider how much time you spend writing and re-writing your comms and what you could be doing in that time instead! Or perhaps you have a book or a report you need an expert writer to help you create, edit or design.

Whatever your additional communications needs, contact me at The Communications Director for all round support that complements, enhances and expands the value of your awards projects.

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