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How to win the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

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The 2016 Queen results are in and it’s the best year ever for businesses in the UK.

A staggering 254 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have been won by businesses across the following categories:

  • International Trade – 150
  • Innovation – 92
  • Sustainable Development -7
  • Enterprise Promotion (the Queen’s Awards for individuals supporting others in enterprise) – 5

Why so many awards? And how did I achieve the magic 100% success rate?

Well the Queen’s Awards run a rigorous competition, with strict criteria for entry and only the few categories mentioned above, but they don’t cap the amount of winners – so if you have the right profile, the right story and the right evidence, you could win an award!

Winning a Queen’s Award can be a game-changing experience for you. It supports you to grow your business profile, raises your business and all your employees to the dizzy heights of being recognised by Royalty, and positions you as the best in the UK. And what customer, partner or investor would choose a company without a Queen’s Award over a company with a Queen’s Award?

A popular question I am asked is ‘can I win more than one award?’. The answer is most certainly ‘yes’! In 2016 there are many double-winners like Inciner8 who have won across two categories, and even one winner, JCB, who won 3 awards across their group – INCREDIBLE!

The Queen’s Awards are open for entry from May until the 2nd September – which is a shorter entry period than previously.  On average (and ideally) it takes at least a month to prepare your entry to a winning standard – and that’s when you know what you are doing!

So don’t delay, give me a call today and I can help you find out whether you really have the key indicators for success and help you tell your winning story.

I direct and write winning award entries all year long, but I must confess, I really do like my clients to win a big competition, and The Queen’s Awards have become my favourite awards in the world to win with my clients because of the positive impact they create.

To find out if you have the potential to win a Queen’s Award for Innovation, International Trade or Sustainable Development contact me and I’ll tell you the winning formula.

I know how much winning the Queen’s Awards can do for your business, and I like to keep my success rates at 100%, so you know that if we work together it is because I genuinely think you could win.

Give me a try and I will give you the best value and the best service in the UK. Fact. 


About the Queen’s Awards

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Would you like to win a Queen’s Award for enterprise but you don’t know where to start, or if you are even ready to enter?

You could be a business or a charity, just 2 people or 2000, but whoever you are – you are excellent at what you do. The questions below will help you understand the wide range of entrants, but there is no ‘typical’ winner.

Every year The Queen’s Awards give out around 150 awards to UK businesses, these are broken down roughly as follows:

  • Innovation (30)
  • International Trade (100)
  • Sustainable Development (10)

And did you know that The Queen’s Awards welcome collaboration on your entry?

The Queen’s Awards organisers know how time-consuming the entries are – estimating that they take at least 50 hours to put together – in my experience this is often a lot more! But the great news is they have created an additional portal for your appointed collaborator to create and submit your entry. So now there is no need to worry about doing all the hard work yourself – you can officially hand over the reigns and we’ll do all the work for you while you carry on doing what you do best.

Your story could make you a Queen’s Award winner – contact me for a FREE consultation to see how I can help you and if you meet the criteria. And if I don’t think you are ready to enter? Then I will explain why and advise you what you need to do to improve your chances of future Queen’s Awards success.

Start thinking about your eligibility by answering the following questions and click on the blue links to see an eligibility infographic on each category. You only need to answer yes to one of the questions to have a potential chance of success:


  • Are you an entrepreneur with a unique business that’s been growing year on year for a minimum of 2 years?
  • Have you innovated a new product that has been flying off the shelves for 2 or 5 years and recouped all investments?
  • Has your innovation driven and sustained the commercial growth of your company?
  • Does your business offer something not offered anywhere else in the UK?
  • Is your business, your product, your process, or your service truly ‘new’ and ‘unique’?

International Trade

  • Has your business been exporting overseas for at least 3 years with substantial success?
  • Can you measure the growth of your business over either 3 or 6 complete financial years without showing any dips in sales?
  • Are you able to demonstrate how a strategic placement into a new market has driven your success?
  • Have you noticed a steep incline in your financial results over the past 3 years?
  • Do your overseas sales show a consistent percentage of growth over 6 years?

Sustainable Development

  • Does your business put the environment at the forefront of its operations?
  • Has your business supported society in a way that has created outstanding commercial success?
  • Does your business support the economy and the citizens of the UK in a way that is measurable?
  • Have you changed your operations to become a sustainable and environmentally progressive company?
  • Are you a good role model for other businesses when it comes to sustainability?

Answered Yes to at least ONE of the questions above? Then you could be a winner! Get in touch and tell me your story to find out if you could become a Queen’s Awards winner this year.


Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development eligibility test

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are one of the most prestigious awards in the world a UK business can win. Find out if you are ready to enter and how likely you are to succeed in the Sustainable Development category in 2 simple steps:

  1. Check your eligibility to enter by using the infographic below
  2. Arrange your FREE consultation

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